- August 10, 2015

This Stylin’ Austin Salon Will Wash Your Hair With Shiner Bock For Free, Because Obviously!


In honor of the hottest month of the year — also known as “swimming season” in Austin, when your hair gets all crunchy from constant chlorine exposure — all Bird’s Barbershop locations will be washing their customer’s hair for free, and it’s not just any ‘ole wash they’re offering.

If you go to Bird’s this month for a cut, they’ll literally douse your head with Shiner Bock.

Don’t worry, you can still drink one on the house as well. That time-honored Bird’s tradition isn’t going anywhere. But this beer wash is something special, and it could go down as one of the best local marketing gimmicks in the history of hair salons.

You might not know this, but washing your hair with a flat beer can help restore it’s lost luster and volume. It’s got something to do with the proteins in the hops. Beer conditioning apparently works so well that is has become a whole Thing in some circles, but the fact that beer has yet another magical property is relatively unknown. That’s what makes this promo so brilliant.

Not only is Bird’s willing to do this for free, they were even kind enough to film an instructional video demonstrating the proper Beer Washing Techniques, seen below…

Let’s just hope you like the smell of Shiner Bock. Beauty experts say adding some apple cider vinegar to your beer wash will knock out the smell completely, but it may be a little weird to roll up at a salon with a bottle of vinegar. Then again, you are sort-of going to said salon to give your head a free beer shower, so so maybe it’s not that weird.

Bird’s has always been a trendy spot to get a ‘cut, but this takes ’em to a new level of awesome. The promotion runs from August 14-28.