- February 3, 2015

This Full Moon, Austin’s OraCola Says It’s Time To Whip It Into High Gear!


Happy February full moon! The Tarot-Scope is here to help y’all Austinites navigate the next two weeks.

You are reading "The OraCola," a blog by the one and only Arcie Cola!

You are readin’ “The OraCola,” a blog by the one and only Arcie Cola!

I’m switching to a new moon/full moon schedule for future Tarot-Scopes because it feels more in tune with the natural rhythms of the Universe. Plus, having two weeks to work with the energies gives us more time to learn our lessons. When the teacher extends the deadline for a big project, be grateful for the lucky break and use that extra time wisely!

January gave us time to get cozy with our intentions, and the February full moon is a great time to start manifesting our desires. We use the full moon to take action because we can see where we’re going.

This cycle, let’s use that extra illumination to examine The Tree:

You can do it if you get your shit together!

You can do it if you get your shit together!


Wow! The Universe wants us to “just do it”, and it’s sending us all kinds of help. This spread is full of positive vibes. It’s a good thing too, because the waters have been a bit choppy lately. I don’t know about y’all, but I say good riddance, January 2015.


The Chariot in the Root position is a fantastic place to start. This card is all about personal achievement through practice and dedication. That could mean physical effort, brain power, or a combination of the two. How do you know which training regimen will work for you? It depends on your goal. The best way to avoid wasting time on ineffective strategies is to be very clear about what you want to accomplish. If what you want is good for your spirit, you’ll get a lot out of doing the work, even if you don’t win the race.


The Coins form the backbone of our Trunk, so practical matters are an important consideration. The stronger the trunk, the stronger the tree, so take care of yourself in all ways. But don’t get so caught up in your material existence that you lose sight of what you’re on Earth to do–grow! Growing is a transformative process, and our spirits are always looking to exploit those cracks in the sidewalk. Is spending money on that thing or neglecting that task going to help you grow? No? Then choose to do something that will.

Right Branch–Strength

That sturdy trunk is holding up a great pair of helpers: Strength, and the Lovers. Strength, as the name suggests, is what we draw upon in order to endure our circumstances. Being disciplined with our choices allows us to become stronger. The stronger we get, the more we can grow. It’s a constant feedback loop and you’re in control, so use it or lose it!

Left Branch–Lovers

The devotion of the Lovers is what gets us through all those strengthening reps. If your intention comes from the heart it’s easy to use that burning desire for fuel. A lot of folks deny what they truly love out of fear, and spend so much time chasing what they think they should love that they end up stunting their growth. Be brave and allow those those sparks of passion to jolt you to a higher frequency. It’s only a shock to the system if you’re not grounded.


And what do you win from all that effort? A magic Wand! Wands are tools of intention, so get ready to cast your spell. Here is where you’ll discover if your preparation was sufficient, and here is where you will be called upon to behave like a good sportsman. If you screwed up, don’t panic, because at least you learned what not to do. If you succeeded, enjoy your prize, but remember–the next challenge is always right around the corner.

A lot is happening culturally during this full moon cycle. You may not feel like setting goals, but even a small accomplishment will keep you out of a rut. It’s still the dark, cold time of year and hiding under a blanket waiting for spring is the last thing you should do. Even if it’s something as simple as washing the dishes every day, making a plan and sticking to it will reap tangible benefits.

The Universe doesn’t stop, and neither should you, so kick it into gear!


Photo: Flickr user davidd, creative commons licensed.