- March 9, 2020

The Show Must Go On – Austinites Band Together To Keep The SXSW Spirit Alive


Yes, we’re all aware that SXSW 2020 cancellation stinks. Big time. But here’s the good news… artists, promoters, city officials alike are coming together to do something special for the city.

We might have a difference of opinion so let us clarify why this is good news. Bars, restaurants, servers, and so many more people and places depend on these events for economic reasons. We aren’t talking about festival organizers, the city, or major corporations and sponsors, though the cancellation is hitting them hard as well. We’re talking about your neighbors, friends, and maybe even your family.

Multiple bars, restaurants and service industry professionals have been sharing this image on Instagram and Twitter since the Friday announcement.

Now, we’re not here to debate whether or not the festival should have been canceled, but we are here to keep you informed. Whether you’re a local or still planning to visit Austin there will be plenty of events happening throughout the city, especially since St. Patrick’s Day falls smack dab in the middle of the original festival dates (check back for more on all those events soon).

Here are some resources we found to help you keep up with all the parties and events that have been confirmed:

And if you know someone who wants to help or is looking for a gig, check out these resources:

Finally, here’s an easy way to give back. Over the weekend, the #TipForTwo hashtag started trending on Twitter. Users are suggesting that local diners leave double the gratuity to help Austin’s service industry workers during the dates that SXSW would have taken place.

Of course, the calendars at Austin.com and FreeFunInAustin.com are always filled with a plethora of fun local events. But keep in mind that the calendars are reader submitted so events listed are not confirmed. Be sure to contact organizers to make sure the events are still happening.