- August 2, 2023

You Have to Try Some of the Most Unique Margaritas in Austin

Having a frosty margarita, whether on its own or paired with chips and queso, is one of the quintessential Austin experiences. And while a traditional lime or even strawberry margarita will do just fine, there are plenty of unique margaritas in Austin that are definitely worth breaking out of your comfort zone for.

Here are a few of our favorite unique Austin margaritas.

Curra’s Avocado Margarita

Few things are more unique than blending America’s favorite green fruit with America’s other favorite green fruit. Sure, most Austinites have tried the avocado margarita at Curra’s by now, but if you’re a visitor (or a newbie), it should top your Austin margarita bucket list. Creamy, smooth, and avocado-y, we promise it’s worth being brave for.

PS – want to try making this one at home on you own? Here’s a recipe, thanks to Austin Monthly!

El Alma’s La Llorona

Speaking of being brave, El Alma has a margarita named for one of Latin America’s most frightening ghost stories, La Llorona. If you can shake off your childhood fears for long enough to order the drink, you’ll get a tasty treat worth crying over, with ghost pepper tequila (see what they did there), prickly pear puree, lime, agave, and a guajillo sugar/salt rim.

The Purple at Baby Acapulco’s

Ok, ok, hear us out. When you hear “unique margarita” you’re probably thinking of bars with great mixology programs, specialty imported tequilas, or something equally unique. At Baby A’s, you will find none of that. What you will find is an Austin classic, The Purple. It’s classic, but it’s about as far from classy as you will get, because this marg is made with… Everclear. So no, it really doesn’t even qualify as a margarita anymore. But if you haven’t tossed back a couple of these bad boys (you’re limited to two) before a night on the town, you haven’t earned your Austin Drinking Merit Badge yet.

Mean-Eyed Cat’s Mean Marg

Have you ever had a tequila infusion that was so spicy that it made you temporarily lose your hearing? Well, you can if you visit Mean Eyed Cat. Just to be safe, go ahead and put that tequila into a margarita to help preserve your ears and order the Mean Marg. The drink features El Jimador silver tequila, Cointreau, fresh lime juice, habanero lime syrup, muddled orange and jalapeños, and is served on the rocks with a Tajin salt rim. Sip it slowly while you explore all of the fun memorabilia in this Johnny Cash-themed bar that’s a favorite among locals.

Vivo’s Fruit and Flower Margaritas

The margaritas at Vivo’s are as pretty as they are delicious. Of course, you can grab a classic marg, and it will be excellent, but for something unique, try the Hibiscus Margarita, the Margarita Tamarindo, or the Prickly Pear Margarita when it’s around. Drop by at happy hour for some great deals on tacos and appetizers to pair with those yummy drinks.

Cedar Door’s Mexican Martini

Often imitated, Cedar Door is typically credited with being the establishment where the Mexican Martini originated, more than 30 years ago. Though a margarita served in a cocktail shaker and poured into a martini glass may seem normal to most Austinites, it’s definitely a unique treat for those accustomed to frozen or rocks margaritas. Learn “How to Make Perfect Austin-Style Margaritas” and you can make your own at home — or you can just order the mix from Cedar Door’s website.

Anthem’s Blood Orange Marg

This marg isn’t just picture perfect, it’s delish to boot! The Rainey Street restaurant’s frosty drink is a mix of El Jimador Silver Tequila, yuzu, lemon and frozen blood orange. And here’s the best news: it’s only $6 during happy hour!


The senorita frozen consists of 100% blue agave Monte Alban plata tequila and a blend of organic cane sugar, Paula’s local orange liqueur and fresh squeezed lime juice. Add a swirl of horchata and you’ve got a whole ‘nother experience!

Both the Watermelon Fresca and Horchata Swirl pictured.

El Chapo y Kate

This marg is pretty and pretty tasty! If you’ve been to Taquero Mucho, you know that it’s a pink dream! The El Chapo y Kate is definitely unique as it’s a frozen passion fruit margarita with chamoy and a tamarind candy straw.

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