- July 9, 2020

The Benefits of Seasonal Eating and How to find it in Austin


We’re back this week to expand on last week’s topic of buying locally in Austin. This week Mina is discussing the benefits of seasonal eating and where you can find fresh seasonal foods, locally.

Living in Austin means you can get almost anything your heart desires from farmers, ranchers, chefs, and purveyors cultivating and making quality food that comes right from our backyard.

Check out my list of recommendations at the end if you’d like to skip ahead.

Freshness and nutrient density are the next big benefits of buying local, seasonal food. When your food doesn’t get picked or processed ahead of time and doesn’t have to travel long distances (sometimes from around the globe) to get to you, it retains its flavor and nutritional value better. Austin farmers only pick what’s at its peak, so that when the food gets to you it’s ready for eating. When produce is picked ripe and sold fresh, the food retains its nutrients so that when you eat you’re getting the most health benefits.

Photo Courtesy of @farmhousedelivery

The longer something has to travel from where it was harvested to your plate, the less nutrition it contains to nourish your body due to factors like poor temperature control and storage. Not only are you supporting the hard work of farmers and ranchers from your community, you’re giving yourself the best bang for your health buck by eating in-season.

It might sound challenging to get most of your food from local sources, but here in Austin it’s a lot easier than in many cities across the country. Options range from grocery chains to co-ops, CSAs, farmers markets, farm fresh delivery, and going directly to the source – visiting a local farm or ranch! 

Photo Courtesy of @Farmhousedelivery

Last week we provided you with local farmers markets and grocery stores. This week here’s a few of my favorite CSA’s (community-supported agriculture) and farms.


Farms & Ranches:

Just like last week, this is not an exhaustive list. But as you can see we have an amazing variety of outstanding options for buying local and eating in-season throughout the year in Austin! There’s something for everyone depending on your needs and how you prefer to shop. Whatever you choose, know that your support for our local Texas farmers is what keeps these passionate folks doing what they do providing healthy and quality food for the community. Remember, you don’t just get food, you get nutrient-dense, delicious farm fresh food that supports your health, the environment, and your fellow community members. 

Author – Jasmina Carbaugh, Primal Health Coach Institute Student & Wellness Enthusiast

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