- September 23, 2016

SXSW Eco 2016: Bill Nye, Nuclear Sharks, And More


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The importance of ocean conversation and its ties to combating climate change are undeniable. The gravity of protecting our ocean’s fragile ecosystems has been made crystal clear by the Obama Administration, which recently announced the creation of the first national marine monument in the Atlantic Ocean spanning nearly 5,000 square miles. This year at SXSW Eco, we are taking a whole new approach to ocean conservation and climate change.

Go in depth at SXSW Eco with filmmaker Philippe Cousteau and Journalist Ashlan Cousteau to learn about their recent expedition to Bikini Atoll on the Marshall Islands. Hear insight about their aquatic adventures and explore how the challenges affecting our oceans are more widespread then you can believe. View their short documentary “Nuclear Sharks” which was recently featured on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, and discuss how new technology and innovation can conserve our oceans.

Develop a new perspective at SXSW Eco and hear from Bill Nye on climate policy, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse on barriers to action, and even learn why climate change is funny in a session presented by Funny or Die.

SXSW Eco creates a space for business leaders, policy makers, innovators and designers to advance solutions that drive social, economic and environmental change. View the full schedule of events happening October 10-12 and register by Friday, September 16 before prices increase. Redeem this custom coupon code to save 50% off the walk-up rate: reg-eco-rate2partner2_b570218d71.

Guest contribution by Ari Roth, marketing manager for SXSW Eco.

Featured photo: SXSW Eco on Instagram.