- May 10, 2016

Study Confirms What We Always Knew: UT Austin Is The Best Public University in America


Break out the orange and white ticker tape and pull Bevo XV from his pen, it’s time to throw a giant parade down Guadalupe as the University of Texas at Austin has just been named the #1 public university in the country by Niche.com. Niche’s methodology included evaluating both the quality of education and the experience provided by each college.

Their Academics Grade (includes acceptance rate, quality of professors, and student and alumni feedback about academics) and their Value Grade (statistics include average loan amount, alumni earnings, and student feedback about value) were weighted heaviest at 25% each. UT received an A+ on their Academics Grade and an A on Value.

Other categories where UT scored highly –from an A- to A+ — included Professors, Diversity, Student Life, Campus Quality, Athletics, and Local Area. In fact, the only category that UT scored less than an A in was Safety, and even then it scored a B-. In case you were wondering if the recent tragedy on campus affected the data, it didn’t.

From Niche’s description of their methodology and data gathering:

Statistics obtained from the U.S. Department of Education represent the most recent data available, usually from either 2013–2014 or 2014–2015, as self-reported by the colleges.”

Congrats to UT for kicking butt as a school! Let’s hope we can keep the enthusiasm up as the next academic year and football season kick off!