- June 15, 2015

Shocking Security Video Shows Flood Waters Devastating Shoal Creek Saloon

Shoal Creek Saloon has long billed itself as “the best creekside outdoor patio & bar in Austin,” and for good reason. It’s a gorgeous facility, the beer on tap is always tasty and cold, and their Cajun food is off the charts. Unfortunately, Shoal Creek Saloon was also one of Austin’s beloved businesses that was hit the hardest by the Memorial Day flood, and it turns out the devastation they suffered was worse than most folks even imagined.

In the video below, released Monday by owner Ray Canfield, you’ll see exactly what Shoal Creek’s rising waters did to this Austin institution. It starts with about 1-2 inches of water on the ground, and then the creek bursts through one of their walls and into their dining room, turning tables and chairs into debris spinning in a whirlpool where people would normally be eating jambalaya.

This video was republished with permission.

“We’ve had flooding here only a few times over the last couple decades,” Canfield told Austin.com. “Every time we learn something new and how to handle it better. [The wall that broke down] is now built back stronger than ever, so if this ever happens again, that won’t be what causes the problem.”

Amazingly, the saloon was only closed for five days after this shocking event. Employees, their friends, and even loyal patrons showed up to help Canfield restore Shoal Creek Saloon to its well-known glory, pulling together to reopen their doors in an awful hurry.

“One of the reasons we put this video out is so people know that we’re already back,” Canfield added. “Lots of folks thought we would be out of commission for a while, but that’s not the case.”

Amid all the bad weather news lately, that’s certainly good to hear. If you want a nice pick-me-up, watch this video and then stop in for a drink. You will be amazed at how good the place looks after suffering recent a disaster.