- April 25, 2017

GEM&BOLT Is Austin’s Secret Sexy Drink And You’re Not Ready For It


The top shelf of your favorite pub’s liquor shelf might hold a sexy secret. Maybe have you noticed a striking black and white bottle tucked away behind the myriad of glass assortments?  That secret stash is a Mexican herb mixed mezcal by GEM&BOLT.

GEM&BOLT – a fair trade brand – distills its msezcal with an herb called damiana. Native to Oaxaca, Mexico, the herb is said to have mythological healing properties by the locals. It is also believed to be an ancient natural aphrodisiac, fiercely guarded among those who grow the plant. The use of damiana is not all that sets this mezcal apart. Agave is also mixed in for taste and as a natural antidepressant and mood elevator, it enhances the sensuality of the damiana.

The artful design of the bottle might grab your eye, but the botanical twist to the traditionally smokey profile of mezcal will certainly grab your palate. Intensely floral upon opening with overtones of cinnamon sugar, this drinkable mezcal is the perfect proportion of sweet and smokey.

GEM&BOLT was founded by the artist-meets-alchemist duo Adrina Drina and Elliot Coon. The longtime friends and business partners saw an opportunity in distilling mezcal with damiana. They jumped on the opportunity to produce the unique beverage in the States, while adhering to the traditional Oaxaca process of infusion and distillation.

This mezcal based spirit first launched in the States at Austin’s very own Whislers. It is now served across 30 local lounges as well as in New York and LA. While widely available around Austin, the sexy little bottle on the top shelf remains a mystery to many Austinites.

Want to give it a try? Swing by these Austin hot-spots who support and serve G+B:

June’s All Day

The Pershing House

Justine’s Brasserie

Ah Sing Den

Hotel Saint Cecilia

Hillside Farmacy

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There’s plenty more Austin spots serving up GEM&BOLT cocktails. Check out their website for a complete list of G&B venues!

Featured photo by GEM&BOLT