- September 11, 2013

Rent Anything in Austin at ShedStreet.com


This article is a sponsored explanation of ShedStreet.com

To Austin families, days on the lake and parties on the patio probably sound familiar, but unfortunately so do expensive trips to the store and afternoons spent reorganizing the garage. Big adventures tend to be a big investment, but they don’t have to be anymore — that’s where ShedStreet comes in.

ShedStreet.com is a local resource designed to simply let neighbors share their stuff. Need a tent for your family camping trip? Rent it from your neighbors down the street. Have a kayak you’re not using this weekend? Lend it to the new family on the block. With ShedStreet, you can borrow all the equipment you need for your next project or activity, and make some money off the extra stuff collecting dust in your garage by sharing it with your community.

The website was started by two 40-something Steiner Ranch residents, Eric and Michael, who saw a great opportunity to share with each other. They launched ShedStreet a few months ago in Steiner and have now expanded throughout the Austin area. 

ShedStreet is completely FREE to become a member, and free to post any items or services you would like to rent out. ShedStreet serves Austin and surrounding communities, including Round Rock, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, and Lakeway. Just pick your neighborhood and start browsing! You can also like ShedStreet on Facebook to see the latest updates and new stuff for rent.

With endless activities and plenty of warm weekends ahead, now is the perfect time to become a part of the sharing community. Hop on over to ShedStreet.com to learn all about how the process works and to become a member. Next time you need tools, wakeboards, or a giant movie screen — remember to check the street!