- January 12, 2015

In The New Year, The OraCola Wants Y’all To Take The Plunge


Hey there, OraCola fans! It’s time for the Tarot-Scope and this week we’re going for an icy plunge in Barton Springs. Take a deep breath and get ready for the shock!

You are reading "The Ora-Cola," a blog by the one and only Arcie Cola!

You are reading “The OraCola,” a blog by the one and only Arcie Cola!


Shallow EndLovers

Deep EndSun


I hope y’all are ready for a serious bath, because this week we’re swimming in the Devil’s river. Remember that scene in the The NeverEnding Story, where the horse got so sad it sank into the swamp? That’s exactly what we shouldn’t do. Sometimes we feel hopeless, but we should always cling to the idea that “this too shall pass”. It gets better!

tarotscope 6

Don’t drown in a sea of negativity, use your passion as a life vest!

It’s clear the Universe is sending us some kind of message, because the Devil and the Moon were in last week’s Tarot-Scope. The world is full of chaos, confusion, and darkness, on that we can all agree. And the ugly stuff always seems to be ramping up. But let’s not forget that the natural order of things is to wax and wane, just like the moon.

If the Devil is driving the current, then how on earth do we keep our head above it? It depends on which side we decide to play. On the Shallow End, we’re comforted by the radiant essence of the Lovers. Think about the shallow side of Barton Springs–there are lots of places to sit, soak, and make out. We can touch the bottom, and we’re not afraid (but maybe a little chilly.) Bobbing around on this end gives us time to check in with what makes us tick. What do you love and what makes you feel secure? The choice is always ours, so we should choose wisely.

If we’re swimming over in the Deep End, we’ll need to use the Sun as a guide. We should always keep our faces pointed toward the light. The Sun illuminates the good things in life (and keeps us warm!) Of course we can bask in it too long and get burned, but without a little sunshine, we’d all wither away. While the Shallow End is good for being still, the Deep End demands action. If we don’t move our limbs, we’ll drown, so let’s doggie paddle for our lives, OK?

When the chill of the springs has finally got to us, it’s time to get out and rest on the Hillside. This shady, grassy knoll is an ideal place to sit a spell and relax. The Moon in this position reminds us of the inherent mystery of life. We always have the ability to influence the future, no matter how uncertain our current circumstances. Thinking seriously about what we want out of life may offer valuable insights. Once we decide to get out of the pool, we can use our imaginations to manifest our dreams.

Barton Springs is a beautiful jewel, but it wouldn’t be there without our care and attention. Fighting for the things we love is crucial to our wellbeing. If we give up, we stagnate. If we fight-even if we lose-at least we gain a new perspective. If we never dare to swim in the pool, we won’t know what’s worth fighting for. Take the plunge!


Photo: Flickr user amy gizienski, creative commons licensed.