Mayor Adler Officially Recognizes Aug. 20th As ‘Quesoff Day’


With a flourish of ink on paper, and a heaping helping of cheese, Mayor Steve Adler signed a proclamation that has been a long time in the making: From this day forth, August 20th will be known to all as “Quesoff Day“!

On August 16th in the Year-of-Our-Willie, Two Thousand Sixteen, the Quesoff Day Proclamation was writ. The Proclamation begins by delineating the heritage of Quesoff Day, including its humble beginnings as the drunken brain-child of Steve Moody and Adi Anand.

It lays plain the Mohawk‘s contribution as the site in which Quesoff was first celebrated in Austin, Texas in 2011, and includes mention of all factions of Austin’s queso-loving community who have participated in bringing this dream to fruition.

Lastly, Adler’s Quesoff Proclamation states the method and means to celebrate Quesoff Day:

Quesoff contestants enter in four categories: Meaty, Spicy, Veggie, and Wild Card.

Dishes have ranged from Queso with mezcal to Thai and Indian flavored queso to Queso gelato…

We invite an esteemed panel of judges each year, to decide the winners on a case by queso basis.


A big thanks to the City of Austin for proclaiming August 20th, 2016 as 'Quesoff Day'

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Above Stephanie Bergara, the Music Programs Coordinator for the City of Austin Economic Development Department, Music & Entertainment Division, is seen managing the brie-f task of delivering the proclamation. Bergara told

I competed in Quesoff three years ago and I never miss it. Queso makes people happy, and the fact that the event has happened for consecutive 6 years is a huge testament to how seriously people in Austin are about queso.

When asked what her personal favorite queso was, Bergara replied:

Queso computeso at Casa Garcia – fill my casket with it when I die.

View the full Proclamation in all its glory, dripping with humor, grease, and sticky fingers below.

August 20th, 2016 = 'Quesoff Day' in Austin, Texas

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So, let’s talk. Where do you get your Austin queso? And why is it better than