- October 31, 2016

Marathon Kids Offers a Free Leadership Academy for Adults


Marathon Kids HQ in Austin is always cooking up new ways to inspire kids and their adults to be active in their everyday lives, from their widely acclaimed (and now international) school programs, to neighborhood running clubs, to the brand new Leadership Academy. Read on for the lowdown on how you can get involved with this wonderful organization, for free!

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Modeling healthy behaviors starts with trusted adults setting examples.

Some of you may remember that we wrote about Marathon Kids back in July. Since then, our family completed 104.8 miles together, stayed active (even in the Austin heat!), kept each other motivated, and earned awesome Nike rewards all summer long. In September, my kids started their Marathon Kids school-based clubs led by their teachers. They’ve continued to embrace their love of running, in part due to their efforts this summer to stay healthy and fit.

If you’re a parent, you know that parents and teachers are two of our kids’ greatest and most present role models, and active kids start with active role models. As an adult, you also know that even the most passionate individual cannot advocate effectively without knowledge, training, and support. Because of this, Marathon Kids has launched their Leadership Academy, serving children by first serving adults.

So far, the Leadership Academy has delivered both virtual and live trainings across the country covering three core topics: leadership development; communication and advocacy; and translating the Marathon Kids evidence-based strategies into practical application and action. By empowering already enthusiastic and dedicated adults with the support they need, parents and teachers everywhere are changing their communities for the better.


A group photo at the conclusion of an awesome (and active!) Leadership Academy in Miami, FL.

The best part? Anyone can (and should!) take advantage of such an awesome resource. Leadership Academy is FREE, and Marathon Kids will tailor the Academy to your needs and goals. If you have a group of friends that typically meets over drinks or dinner, consider changing it up and contact Marathon Kids about speaking to your gang. Everything about the Academy is customizable – including the content and location.

Leadership Academies are interactive and full of discussion about your unique community’s needs.

Leadership Academies are interactive and full of discussion about your unique community’s needs.

Want more info before you jump in? Sign up for a free Marathon Kids Leadership Academy webinar! Get exclusive professional development and tailored training, gain valuable tools and expand your skill set. Check the upcoming schedule and sign up for a Leadership Academy session today!