- April 19, 2017

Magna Carda’s Minimalist New Single ‘I’m Alive’ Packs Emotional Punch


After calming down from the crazy feeling of SXSW, we’ve got something a bit different for our readers today in the form of a new single from jazz hip-hop group Magna Carda, which recently dropped their new song “I’m Alive.”

Taking on a minimalist feel, this track veers away from the usual country and rock leanings of Austin music and creates an emotion that sets itself apart from many of the other bands we’ve heard this year. Spacey and beautiful all at the same time, we love the feeling that the song provides, and it’s a great track to stumble upon after experiencing the innovative discoveries of SXSW.

Listen to “I’m Alive” below.

Featured photo: Magna Carda, Sarah Jasmine Montgomery



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