- November 21, 2016

Longhorns Threaten ‘Boycott’ Of TCU Game If Charlie Strong Is Fired

Stop. The. Presses. The biggest news in Austin right now just got bigger.

The future of University of Texas Football Coach Charlie Strong has been under a cloud of uncertainty since the team’s most recent loss, which comes after a series of crucial failures for the team. After last weekend, speculation swirled that Strong’s days at Texas may becoming to an end, with sources telling journalists that the decision had been made.

That’s not sitting so well with some of his players. At least several members of the Longhorns are now reportedly threatening to “boycott” the upcoming game against TCU if Strong is fired, according to the Statesman. “Some of the team is threatening to boycott the TCU game,” an unnamed source told reporter Kirk Bohels. “Older players are trying to settle things down.”

For his part, Strong says he would very much like to continue as UT’s head coach. “Next year, I want to come back,” he said at a recent media briefing. “I look at the job this staff has done and look at the players they’ve put in place. The wins and losses, they don’t stack up, but still, you’re looking at a young football team, a team that when you get everything back in place for the coming year has a lot of talent. But I still go back to it, they’ve been very upfront and forward with me.”

UT Athletics said that Strong’s performance will be evaluated once the season is over. What happens next is anyone’s guess.