- June 14, 2016

Live on The FeedBak Podcast: Save Austin’s Music Series – Log On, GET INVOLVED!


What if I told you it was time to save Austin music? Well, IT IS! Do you want to be stuck in a Chilli’s bar listening to a disinterested duet play hacky covers of “American Pie” while they get paid peanuts, or do you support local musicians and their mission to thrive? Time to be heard, get info, and get involved!

Tune in this evening at 7 p.m. on The FeedBak with Austin’s own Bak Zoumanigui as he tackles issues surrounding Mayor Adler’s Austin Music and Creative Ecosystem Omnibus Resolution and its effect on the very art and music scene which put Austin on the map. If you are an artist, musician, or patron who appreciates the unique beauty of our city, your FeedBak is wanted!

The FeedBak Podcast and its gregarious host aim to openly share the insights of Austin’s movers and shakers with the general public to “keep the conversation going,” Zoumangui told Austin.com. With that in mind, Zoumangui decided to bring the discussion to YOU, the Austinite, and provide a means for open communication on some of Austin’s most pressing issues.

Tonight’s show features two local notables in the Austin live music scene: Terrany Johnson (a.k.a. ‘Tee Double’) and Rebecca Farrell. Tee Double is a philanthropist, hip-hop artist, and all around Austinite. One of his many talents lies in advocacy for urban artists and musicians, as founder of the Urban Artist Alliance and acting Member of Black Fret, a local non-profit which provides resources and training to Austin artists. Farrell is a local attorney who specializes in the representation of music venues and other local musical interests, so they may butt heads on the issue of venue-responsibility and access to livable wages for musicians… We shall see.

Next week’s show (June 21st) feature’s Dan Redman, founder of Mosaic Sound Collective, and Chris Bush, CEO of TipCow (the awesome app that allows direct tipping to a band!)

The final week of the ‘Save Austin Music’ series will be held at City Hall on June 28th, and broadcast live. Panelists include Gavin Garcia, Chair of the Austin Music Commission, Don Pitts, Division Manager at ATX Music Office, and Jennifer Houlihan, Executive Director of Austin Music People.

If you want to be involved but don’t want to put on pants or have to show you’re not actually doing work at the office, this is a great way to pursue civil disobedience for a good cause!

So, what do YOU think? Do we do enough to support local Artists? When was the last time you actually paid a cover or threw a $5 in the tip-jar? Would Austin be the same city if all the artists fled for better economic conditions?