- January 31, 2017

Letting Up Despite Great Faults Releases New Indie Pop Single ‘Starlet’


Letting Up Despite Great Faults has been a part of the Austin shoegaze scene for a while now, and while life got in the way for a bit, the band is back with a new single titled “Starlet.” Letting former Keeper member Lani Thomison take over vocal duties for Letting Up vocalist Mike Lee, her voice adds a pretty twist to the punchy track, as it softens the bass drum that is a prominent feature throughout the tune.

The music video only adds to this feeling, as we get to experience a karaoke session where Lee tries to impress a pretty girl, though viewers discover that it was only a daydream. He wakes up and realizes that his friends are still waiting on him to start singing at the video’s end.

Check out the music video for “Starlet” below.

Featured photo: Letting Up Despite Great Faults

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