- August 15, 2016

NEW in Texas: Save Time Every Weekend with Google Express (And Get $15 Off + Free Shipping!)


Do your weekends wipe you out?

I know mine do—which is why I was so excited when Google gave me a voucher to try Google Express, which offers same-day, overnight and 2-day shipping from my favorite local stores, including Costco, Target, PetSmart, Whole Foods, Barnes & Noble, and more (check out this list of retailers by location). Scroll down to learn how Free Fun in Austin readers can use a special promo code to get two special deals from Google Express!

Google Express is your everyday, delivered right to your door!

Packaging2If you’re anything like me, you’ve got enough on your plate as it is, without errands and grocery shopping taking up your off-hours. That’s why I found Google Express so incredibly useful. Instead of spending all of Saturday fighting traffic and crowds (and, let’s be honest, each other) while we schlepped around Costco and the grocery store, my kids, my husband and I got to spend the day in our back yard, having a great time together!

Our New Saturday!

We’d gotten a new (to us) playscape and set it up in our back yard. My husband had the brilliant idea of putting the slide into the inflatable pool, to turn it into our own little water park. Wow, was that a hit! My three-year-old son must have climbed up the climbing wall and hurtled down the slide into the pool about fifty times, if not more. My four-year-old daughter had a great time swimming and playing on the swings, and we were all tired and happy by dinner time.

KidsInPool5That night, I did my Google Express shopping after the kids went to bed. It was so easy: sitting on my couch, snacking on grapes with my laptop propped on my lap, I just added whatever I wanted to my Google Express cart, chose when I wanted my delivery to arrive, and checked out using Google Payments. Easy-peasy!

Two days later, our boxes arrived on our front step. For the kids, that was a party in itself! We’d been in dire need of paper goods, so I’d ordered paper towels, Kleenex and toilet paper from Costco, along with a big pack of seaweed snacks, since my children love those things. My nephew was over, so all three kids helped me unpack everything, including popping the bubble packing wrap from the boxes (such helpful kids, I tell ya). Then they dug into the seaweed snacks.

Seaweed2I love my Google Express membership. The online ordering and checkout are a snap, and I love getting to “run errands” from the comfort of my own couch and on my own time.

But don’t take my word for it: Try it out for yourself and enjoy YOUR New Saturday!

For just $10 a month or $95 for a whole year, your Google Express membership gives you fast and free delivery on eligible orders. (For non-members, delivery starts at $4.99 per store for eligible orders.) And Free Fun in Austin readers can now get two special deals from Google Express: Use the following promo codes to get $15 off your first order plus FREE shipping for six months (an additional $54 value)!

  • Promo code for 6 months of FREE shipping: Enter the code FREETIME to receive six months of FREE shipping on every Google Express order you place!
  • Promo code for $15 off your first order: Enter the code 6AJ46T367 at checkout to receive $15 off your first order.

Once you’ve received your Google Express order—and enjoyed your own New Saturday—feel free to post a comment or photo on social media of the fun you had while you weren’t out running errands. Be sure to tag it with #MyNewSaturday and #GoogleExpress so your friends can see what it’s all about!

Give $15, Get $15: Offer may end at any time/valid until 08/31/2016 while your account is active. Limited to Google Express accounts that received the offer from Google. Each valid referral gets you a $15 courtesy credit when the new users you referred place their first order using your referral code. Alcohol, gift cards, membership costs, and shipping & service fees excluded. Credits you give are subject to these terms. Credits you get are subject to these terms.