- February 15, 2017

Katy Starr Releases Soulingo At Spider House Ballroom This Friday And We’re Giving Away Tickets!


Austin vocalist Katy Starr will be performing at Spider House Ballroom this Friday evening to celebrate the release of her new record, Soulingo, with NAM and Christiana Cavazos sharing the stage with her.

With a beautiful and unique voice, it is acoustic numbers such as “Pink Clouds” and more upbeat tracks such as “Animal” that allow Starr to highlight her unique singing ability. Bringing the unique and funky Austin personality into her songs, Starr is not an artist that you will want to miss. You can listen to “Pink Clouds” below.

Learn more about the show here. Go ahead and purchase tickets here.

If you would like to see Katy Starr live this weekend, click here to enter our ticket giveaway.

Featured photo: Katy Starr

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