- May 20, 2016

Is It Your Time To Shine? Find Out At These Casting Calls for Actors and Musicians

Austin may not be the film industry haven that it once was, but there are still some opportunities available in the Central Texas area if you know where to look. We’ve rounded up current opportunities, but many of them are on strict time constraints, so get right on top of these casting calls so we can see your name in lights!

“The Son”

The biggest casting call is this weekend, as Brock Allen Casting will be in town looking for men and women of Native American descent to play Comanche’s for AMC’s new show “The Son.” IMDB describes the show as “A multigenerational saga that follows the rise of a Texas oil family as it navigates life among the Comanche.” Names currently attached to the show include Sam Neill and Venezuelan actress Electra Avellan (for Robert Rodriguez fans, she’s a familiar face in many of his films and she’s his niece).

The casting call specifically addresses the idea of falling into stereotypes and playing up historically inaccurate tropes:

AMC is looking to avoid stereotypes and is looking to identify the real “Comanche” Indians. According to the casting call, AMC is producing a show with no “white savior.” and are creating a show to highlight the historical events. “The goal is to tell the story truthfully and allow the audience to draw its own conclusions.”

For those who may fit the bill the open casting call is this Sunday, May 22 from 1-6pm at Best Western Plus at 2200 S IH35. For those who can’t make the call, you can email a head shot to [email protected] and [email protected].


Kevin the Great

Another audition that you should probably jump on right away (auditions are tomorrow by appointment) is for the independent short film Kevin the Great, with a plot described as “Two men are reminded of their passion for metal detecting through a hired street magician.”

They’re casting for Ted and Ed, one a loveable scamp, the other a little more on the hot tempered side. As long as you’re 18+, ethnicity doesn’t matter. You’ll need to create an account at Backstage to see full details about how to set up an appointment, so get to it!


Reality Show-Athletes

Are you one of those Crossfitters who can’t wait to tell your friends about your workout? This may be the perfect opportunity for you. Read this in a yelling voice, it’s way more fun: “Are you into Crossfit? Are you a personal trainer? Are you into weightlifting, bodybuilding, or are just really athletic in general?” Basically they’re “Looking for fun, outgoing people who love to workout and are comfortable in their fit lifestyle and bodies.”

It’s a nationwide search, so the competition is a stiff as your muscles need to be, so good luck! There’s more info about where to send your headshot and pics of your hot, athletic bod at the original posting.


I’d totally watch a show starring this guy.

Reality Show-Home Makeover

If you’re willing to drive to Dallas a couple of times you might land a background role on a “popular reality show,” a home makeover show in its fourth season. They’re looking for extras in ongoing roles throughout the season that they’re filming. More information on where and what to send at the original posting.


Hawt Tattooed Guy

Are you covered in tattoos and have that ‘50s greaser look down cold? A local art film is currently looking for a male aged 35-45 for a “loose esoteric piece about love, sensuality and heighten senses (particularly sound).” Not only is it a paid gig, but you get to work next to a sexy model/actress, so bonus!

This shoots next week, so send that headshot and resume over ASAP. More info about how to do that here.

OK, so maybe this guy doesn’t quite fit the bill, but let’s just leave him right here anyway.

OK, so maybe this guy doesn’t quite fit the bill, but let’s just leave him right here anyway.

Carnival Cruise Ship Musicians

And for those musicians looking to get out on the high seas for a bit, Carnival Cruise line is looking for a variety of musicians to entertain their guests aboard their luxury liners: “Casting a country duo, guitar soloist, pub band (four pieces), rhythm section, and vocalists. All applicants should be familiar with a broad range of contemporary musical styles and be experienced with a high level of proficiency with their chosen instrument. Strong sight-reading and the ability to “play by ear” are both important.”

The auditions will be held on June 1, and you can make an appointment by signing up at Backstage.

This could -- and should -- be you!

This could — and should — be you!

Break a leg, Austin!



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