- November 17, 2016

Hops for HOPE 10th Annual Art Show Features Local Art & Brews In Support of Austin’s Creative Community


In Austin, creativity and craft beer go hand in hand. Full of artists, designers, musicians, and collaborators, the city is constantly bustling with talented individuals looking to showcase their work. And while days are spent creating, the evenings are dedicated to sipping on local brews; Austin’s craft beer market is one of the most vibrant in the country. Once a year, in partnership with Big Medium’s East Austin Studio Tour, Austin creatives and beer lovers come together to celebrate both art and beer at the annual Hops for HOPE Art Show. This year marks the event’s 10th anniversary. With more than 500 participants, the 2016 tour is the largest to date.

The HOPE Art Show is dedicated to connecting creatives to important causes. This year, the show dubbed These Walls Can Talk, will feature artists contributing to the 2016 HOPE (Helping Other People Everywhere) Campaign. Located at Fair Market, the event will close out the two-weekend EAST event.

With more than 30 artists to see and over 20 kinds of specialty brews, we thought it would be fun to compare the artwork slated for this weekend with the designs and logos of some of Austin’s finest breweries. Stick with us—it’ll be fun.

Beer: Adelbert’s Brewery

Art: Mez Data 

Adelbert’s Brewery / Via Facebook

If you’re sampling a brew from Adelbert’s Brewery, take a moment to gaze over the artwork by Mez Data. The image portrayed in Mez Data’s piece—a spectacle-clad man with impressive facial hair—mimics the logo of Adelbert’s. Though the colors might clash, the profiled image represented in each makes them a perfect match.


Beer: Austin Beerworks

Art: Roshi K, FiSh

Austin Beerworks / Via Facebook

The common factor in this group is color. The brewery and artists’ use of warm colors like red, yellow, and orange enable the onlooker to feel a similar response or reaction to either. So grab a cold one and take in the images of these artists.


Beer: Blue Owl Brewery

Art: Aaron Darling, ER.

 Blue Owl

Blue Owl Brewery’s logo is — you guessed it — a blue owl. And while the owl itself might be the featured image, its eyes are the main event. That’s why we paired these sour brews with artwork that displayed a similar focus. From the works of Darling to ER., the onlooker’s attention is immediately drawn to the painting’s main subject: the eyes.


Beer: Argus Cidery

Art: Josh Row, Stellar Roz

Buddies. Thanks @knoxycottin for the ?!

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Argus Cidery cans are available in two colors—black and red—and feature floral patterns. Elements like these make this crisp beverage our brewery of choice for delicate pieces like those from Row and Roz.

Brandon Snow’s piece is another match. While it doesn’t incorporate floral images, his use of black and red highlights the pair’s similarities.

Josh Row / Website

Beer: Hops & Grain

Art: Mila Sketch

Hops & Grain / Via Facebook

Hops & Grain omits an image from its logo, but its color combo of grey and orange match seamlessly with the color scheme found in Mila’s painting, “The Pride of Bordeaux.” The use of color and attention to detail marry these two brands together.

Mila Sketch / Via Facebook

Beer: Live Oak Brewing Company & Independence Brewing Co.

Art: Andrew Horner “Apse,” Tony Diaz

Similar to previous couplings, these brews and works of art come together through their use of color. Both brewing companies, Live Oak and Independence Brewing, use black and yellow in their beer can/bottle presentations; artists Horner and Diaz use black and yellow as well. While both pieces of art also incorporate differing colors, the bold combination of black and yellow shine through. Grab a can to-go and notice how seamlessly the colors in your hand and on the wall match.

Serigraph by Tony Diaz / Via Anti By Design


This is just a small list of artists and breweries that will be at the event this weekend. The others are listed on the event’s webpage.

The 10th Annual Hops for HOPE Art Show is this Sunday, November 20th from 4-10 p.m. Guests interested in supporting the event’s cause can donate to the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. For $50, donors will receive a HOPE “These Walls Can Talk” Vol. II art book that includes images from the HOPE Outdoor Gallery. The Kickstarter will end with a private preview night on Saturday, November 19th at Fair Market. If you strictly want to attend the event, you can purchase tickets online.

So grab your koozies and best art gallery attire. This is an event you won’t want to miss.