- August 14, 2019

Here’s Your Inked-Up Guide To Some Of the Best Austin Tattoo Shops

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Searching for the right tattoo shop and artist can be a little intimidating, and there are so many Austin tattoo shops that it’s hard to pick. So, here are some of our top ATX tattoo contenders to help you start your search with some reputable ink purveyors around town.

Updated August 2019.

Golden Age

If you’re looking for great attention to detail on even the most simple pieces, you’ve come to the right place. Artists here have extensive, brag-worthy portfolios, and the parlor itself is stunning. Stacey Martin, one of Golden Age’s finest, runs a profitable Etsy shop and is no amatuer to the artistry. Check out her online storefront to get a taste for her work.

Gully Cat Tattoo

Extremely proficient, personable, and well-run, Gully takes tattooing to the next level. Their lines are almost too clean and perfectly shaded. And speaking of lines, they’re long. Customers can wait weeks to months before it’s their turn to get inked. So book your appointment today, because they’re that good here. Aside from servicing tattoos, Gully Cat sells their own equipment. Browse their gallery of funky fresh machines available for purchase. 

Hubtattoo (closed)

World class in all departments, Michael Norris is a true professional. Masterful tattoos, by a humble professional, and in a calming and caring environment. What more could you want? Show up with nothing but a few ideas in your head and walk away with an incredible piece of art that you’ll be proud to wear forever. While Norris’ E 11th Street location is now closed, join the Hubtattoo mailing list for news and updates regarding the new, completely private location.

Resurrection Tattoo

Resurrection insures that you’ll be happy with the end results, and that your tattoos will continue to look great for years to come. All of the artists here are super seasoned and take pride in their craft. Not to mention, fun to hang out with while you’re getting inked.

Mom’s Tattoo

Mom’s Tattoo shop is definitely at the top of the tattoo game in Austin. Artists are friendly and accommodating and help tailor your tattoo idea, all while keeping the original aesthetic. Swing by the little, yellow house on Lamar for the total tattoo experience and some old school Austin flare, beautifying Austin one body at a time.

True Blue

True Blue is a true local staple and consistent Austin Chronicle winner. Walk in with no appointment or real plan, and still walk out just as satisfied with the quality of work than if you had been planning your graphic for a month. The honesty and knowledge behind these artists put customers at ease and makes the experience that much better. And like any reputable artist, they stand by their work. Check out each of their two locations (Red River and Airport) and this comical, “SOBERING Tattoo Commercial” produced by True Blue’s top talent and viewed by over a million.

Dovetail Tattoo

Dovetail is easily one of the best shops in Austin. If you’re looking for a wide variety of styles, from a talented female artist and co, this is the spot. Wendi Ramirez has made Dovetail a really special shop with unique paintings and oddities everywhere. If you’re going to ink yourself forever, go to the best! Particularly for portraits!

Bijou Studio (closed)

Bijou Studio doesn’t stay open late, which means they take themselves seriously and don’t tattoo just anybody that decides they need 2 a.m. body art after too many tequila rounds. Their rates are at about $125 an hour and you can expect that they are booked solid two months in advance, but you get what you pay and wait for. And these ladies are worth it! What’s extra awesome about Bijou is that they sell their own Studio Sketchbook with work from their artists. It’s great for tattoo inspiration and perfect for gift giving.

All Saints Tattoo

Another artist haven here in Austin, their process is clean and quick, with tattoos starting at $70 minimum. All Saints is so good, they were even asked to be a part of “Billy Connolly’s Big Send Off,” a documentary TV show by world renowned comedian and actor Billy Connolly, most notably known for his role in Boondock Saints. The shop was featured to discuss why people choose to get memorial tattoos, so if you’re looking to pay tribute to a loved one, you’ve gone to the right place.

Triple Crown Tattoo

This tattoo parlor is flat out cool, and more like a gallery space than a traditional tattoo shop. Staffed by some of the most brilliant artists in Austin, with broad expertise in a variety of styles, Triple Crown should be at the top of your list. Traditional Americana to Art Nouveau, tiny tattoos to full bodysuits, this one stop shop does it all. Check out their website and experience the east side artistry for yourself!

Have a favorite local tattoo shop or artist? Tell us about them — or better yet, show us their work — in the comments!