- May 11, 2016

Here’s How Furious Austinites Are Over Losing Uber And Lyft

Ridesharing services Uber and Lyft shut down in Austin on Monday after the failure of Prop. 1, a self-regulatory scheme that would have exempted the companies from regulations passed by the Austin City Council… And needless to say, Austinites are pissed.

Folks are so cranky over these two companies’ decision to leave that Mayor Steve Adler’s blog added a post on Wednesday containing a small sampling of the hate he’s getting on social media right now. Or, at least he appears to have added it to his site — it’s of course possible that they somehow got hacked by an angry former rideshare driver or something.

Regrettably, we’ve got to warn that this post is chalk full of NSFW LANGUAGE. Do not proceed if cursing, hate speech, and otherwise vulgar commentary is a bit much for you right now. And if you’re on Adler’s staff, that goes double for you. Everyone needs a mental health break while we sort out this ridesharing kerfuffle.

For everyone else, behold what Mayor Adler is being subjected to over this election result…

Do you think that’s a fair commentary? If not, let’s hear your thoughts below. Do you support our mayor, or Uber and Lyft?