- August 22, 2019

Have Kids Traveling Alone? Don’t Miss These Safety Tips Before They Go

Children Traveling Alone: How To Ensure Your Kid’s Safety On-Road

When a child travels alone for the first time, it can be stressful for both parents and kids. Leaving their offspring to deal with the complexities of traveling alone, parents often wonder how they can protect kids over distances.

There are several things to consider if you are preparing your child to travel without you. Continue reading to find more tips and advice to help your child reach their destination safely.

Inform Other Involved Adults

If your child is going to take a flight alone, you should inform the lead flight attendant about it. They need to know there is an unaccompanied minor to watch the child during the flight. Also, if your kid travels with a group of people, inform the instructor or whoever leads the group about the special needs of your child, if there are any.

Make Sure The Child Has All Necessary Medications

Packing a small first aid kit should also be on your to-do list if your kid’s going to hit the road without you. Put some essentials inside, like hand sanitizer, sunscreen, insect repellent, anti-diarrheal, and other medications your child may need. Explain which meds are best for specific conditions and warn your child to use them only if there is a need. If traveling with a school or other group, you may need to give the medications to an adult leader — be sure to check with them first.

Provide All Documents

When something unexpected happens, it’s better to have certain things covered than to react to risks instantly. So, if your child is traveling with other adults, make sure to provide them with a notarized consent to accompany your child and give your child medications if necessary. Make sure your child has a copy of it to provide in case of an emergency.

It goes without saying, but don’t forget to tuck a copy of your child’s birth certificate and passport in his or her backpack.

Don’t Forget About Chargers And Adapters

The smartphone is one of the best devices to stay connected with your child. Make sure you know how to track the cell phone of your offspring to find your child’s location. Also, don’t forget to give your kid a charger and find out the plug type of the country that your child is traveling to and provide an adapter if needed.

Consider Transportation Regulations

Each airline has issued regulations and procedures considering children traveling alone. Only children who are older than five can travel unaccompanied. Usually, airlines apply unaccompanied minor procedures to children over five years old. Many carriers allow children aged 5 to fly alone only if the flight is direct. Children older than eight years are permitted to take connecting flights. Make sure to check the regulations of the carrier your child is traveling with to ensure a safe journey.

If you truly want your child to feel calm and safe during their journey, try to escort them to their seat. If it’s not possible, stay on the phone to instruct them and tell them everything they need to know to get through security.