- July 17, 2020

Have a Virtual Vacay With The Perfect Pizza Date Night


Just because we’re having a socially distant summer doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a date night in Austin!

We asked Mariel Fernandez to share some date ideas with us. This week she shows us how to have a virtual vacay with the perfect pizza night!

So you chose this partner of yours to have and to hold, for better or for worse… and now the worst is here and you’re stuck together in these quarantined times. Who knew SIP (Shelter in Place) would extend all the way to SIP (Summer in Place) too. Ugh! I hear ya. This is the time when you’re supposed to be on your way somewhere for vacation. These are the summer months that you’re supposed to be on a plane flying somewhere tropical or visiting family somewhere, and instead you’re SIP at home.

I’m a believer in making lemonade when given lemons so I’m here to help you make lemonade. Okay, not literal lemonade but you get what I mean. If you’re like most of us, you’re summer trip was canceled. But why not make an Italy inspired date night sans airplane and packing?

It’s not hard to have your very own Italian pizza night. All you need is: pizza sauce, pizza dough, arugula, gouda and mozzarella cheeses, and prosciutto. Easy peasy! Here’s a recipe we love from the Food Network.

If you don’t have time to gather the ingredients yourself, try a kit from a local restaurant like this one from Buffalina, available through Farm House Delivery.

pizza night

We even set the mood by playing Italian music throughout the house while wearing aprons. Setting the mood is everything!

After pizza making, we got out our game boards and picked a game that we could play while eating dinner. We picked Monopoly and pretended the places were Italian places like Trevi fountain in Rome, the Colosseum, a hotel in Naples, an Italian cafe at Amalfi coast… you can substitute whatever was on your vacay list!

Don’t let the quarantine hold you back. Make a date night where you can virtually experience a destination you were planning to visit this summer. All it takes is a little planning, your imagination, and, of course, food. Buon appetito!

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Featured photo courtesy of Farm House Delivery.