So, Um, There Was A Hanging Car Sticking Out Of A Building In Austin On Friday

Update (below): The car has been dislodged and all is well.

A vehicle is hanging from the side of a parking garage in downtown Austin just blocks from the Frost Tower, and nobody is quite sure how it got there. Being a Friday afternoon, it appears this is the biggest news happening in Austin at the moment.

Nobody has been harmed and there is no driver in the vehicle, according to Austin ABC News affiliate station KVUE-TV. The owner has not been identified, but is reportedly speaking to police. (Update: Police later said the driver was a 24-year-old male.)

The vehicle is a 2004 Toyota 4Runner, and it is suspended by a guide wire wrapped around one of its wheels. Part of 6th Street is closed due to the incident, mainly because the vehicle is reportedly leaking gasoline. Emergency crews say they plan to slowly lower the vehicle to the ground, hopefully without further incident.

A video published to Facebook appears to show the driver of the car climbing out after the accident occurred. It would appear the guard wire that caught his wheel also saved his life.

We go now to a live video of the car, via KVUE-TV.

We realize that watching a hanging car is kinda boring, so we made a soundtrack specifically for this riveting experience we’re all having here in Austin today…

Our team is also making memes to compliment the action, for some reason (aka, Friday).

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Pasted image at 2016_09_09 03_52 PM

Pasted image at 2016_09_09 04_01 PM

Pasted image at 2016_09_09 04_08 PM

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We’ll update this post when the car has been retrieved. Or when we have more memes. Whichever comes first. Be safe, first responders! Y’all got this.

Update: The car has been dislodged and all is well.

The Austin Fire Department gently lowered the vehicle into a dumpster. Nobody was hurt. And now, we can all go back to our normal Friday routines. That was enough excitement for one day.