Viral Beyoncé Superfan ‘EvelynFromTheInternets’ Speaks Out

Yep, EvelynFromTheInternets, the Beyoncé-loving, joke-cracking queen who we know and love from YouTube is an Austinite. You know who else knows and loves her? Beyoncé.

If you’ve watched her Lemonade reaction video, you know just how wonderful this woman is, but if you haven’t, it’s best to start right here:

The Internet absolutely loved this video, and shared the love all over the place (over 42,000 Facebook shares and more than 223,000 YouTube views), to the point that it reached the Queen B herself. And what did Beyoncé feel was the most appropriate way to share Evelyn’s dramatically hilarious evaluation of her project? She played it for the hometown fans at her concert in Houston, and then proceeded to play it for fans along the rest of her Formation World Tour. Evelyn told that she recently received confirmation that fans in Canada had a chance to see the video on her stop there.

Naturally, Evelyn was more than a little excited when a friend started blowing up her phone from the concert, letting her know that HER video was being played on giant screens on stage.

She then followed her original reaction video up with another reaction video:

You may have noticed back there in the original post that Evelyn says that she and her girls are going to book a weekend in the Texas Hill Country and then in her reaction post she screams “Did you hear that, Texas?!?” as she takes to the streets of her north Austin neighborhood in celebration. That’s right, this incredibly funny, outspoken, lovable woman is one of us and has been since 2008.

Evelyn has been making YouTube videos for roughly seven years, and the Lemonade video was part of a 30 day challenge in April. In addition to her YouTube videos, which she makes after work in the evenings, she has a web series called Austin While Black and tries to help collaborate with others on their creative projects.

“I don’t need a LinkedIn, Beyoncé knows who I am.”

Back to that whole Beyoncé thing, if you’re wondering how Beyoncé found out about her video so you can be famous, too — well, Evelyn is also wondering about that. “One of my Internet Cousins told me they saw one of her background vocalists share it on her personal Facebook page,” she said. “Other than that, I have no idea how Beyonce could have seen it but I’m glad she did!”

And if you’re hoping to run into Evelyn at some point while you’re out doing errands or enjoying a beer, she loves taking in shows at Empire Control Room, “frolicking in Zilker Park,” shopping at Monkeywrench Books “to learn what they don’t teach you in school,” and “honestly you can hang out (at) Mueller HEB no shame.”

And really this is probably what seals the deal on the EvelynFromTheInternets love fest: she told “For all of Austin’s restaurants nothing really beats cooking with friends and watching HBO. Pants are optional.”

Now back to watching YouTube videos, sans pants.


Featured image from EvelynFromTheInternets YouTube