- August 27, 2014

Giveaway: Moms’ Night Out Parenting Class

Dr. Laura Hancock

The world’s most prominent sexual health experts agree: Sex Ed begins the day a child is born. Dr. Laura Hancock teaches parents who have children ages 0 to 7 years old, helping them establish the foundations of healthy sexuality early in life.

Now, Dr. Hancock is giving away one FREE spot in a Fall 2014 Moms’ Night Out parenting class — “Creating the Foundations of Sexual Health in Kids Age 0–7” with Dr. Laura Hancock (valued at $50). (Fall classes run through October 17, 2014.)

Get together for a fun and relaxing Moms’ Night Out to learn:
• The best ways to teach your young child about sexuality
• Normal sexual behaviors at different stages
• Milestones of sexual knowledge for each developmental stage
• How to identify and create age-appropriate teachable moments
• Tools for teaching your child about healthy and safe boundaries
• Techniques for handling surprising questions and situations 
• How to be an approachable parent

When you start consciously teaching your children about sexuality early on, you build their knowledge base little by little, from the ground up. By starting to teach about sexuality now, you will establish yourself as the primary person they come to when they have questions. Your child will be comfortable asking about sexual topics as they become relevant, and will come to you for information.

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