- January 5, 2018

‘Finding Neverland’ Is Landing In Austin And We’re Giving Away Tickets!

Editor’s note: Opening night, January 16, has been postponed due to inclement weather.

Finding Neverland has arrived in Austin and is ready to bring magic and wonder to the entire family. Praised by Vogue as, “a must see you’ll remember for years to come,” and voted the winner of Broadway.com’s Audience Choice Award for Best Musical, this is the story of Peter Pan like you’ve never seen it before.

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Join struggling playwright J.M. Barrie as he finds inspiration in four young brothers and their widowed mother. Follow him as he finds enchantment in the make-believe world of these four boys, and brings to life a play that mesmerizes his London audiences. Be dazzled by pixie-dust as Barrie learns to create and believe in Neverland, a world where everything is possible, children can fly and dreams come true. Feel like a kid again in a land where childhood lasts forever. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on the musical that TIME says “captures the kid at heart” and NPR claims as “the best musical of the year!”

Interview with cast member Dee Tomasetta

The cast of “Finding Neverland.’

Dee Tomasetta has been featured on Radio City NY Spectacular, SNL, Jimmy Fallon and Americas Got Talent. She is a Massachusetts Native, a proud University of Michigan Graduate and a member of BFA Dance 2015. Dee was gracious enough to let us speak to her prior to the show’s opening night in Austin.

Finding Neverland is a story of magic, adventure and making dreams come true. How do you think this storyline will resonate with your audiences in 2018?
The show Finding Neverland encompasses that anything is possible if you just believe. The first step to achieving your dreams is believing in yourself and believing what you stand for. This show is such a wonderful reminder to all audiences that if you just believe, that is when the true magic unfolds.

J.M. Barrie must find the courage to become the man and writer he desires to be. Tell us about a time when you have had to overcome your own fears to facilitate self-growth?
When I first left for our tour I was so nervous to be away from my family and loved ones for a long period of time. I had to overcome the fact that I would not be able to see my loved ones for a while, but also realizing that this new adventure would indeed facilitate self-growth. I had the beautiful opportunity to grow not only as an artist but as a person as well developing my own voice more and more each day. Performing in the show every night for over a year, I am constantly reminded that we must be brave, courageous, and fearless in order to keep growing.

What about this role brings you the most joy?
What brings me the most joy about playing this iconic character, is seeing how much joy I bring to people and their reactions leaving our show.
There is a specific moment in the show where I am completely downstage at the edge of the stage where I am listening to tinker bell. I am able to physically connect with audience members in the first row, and see their emotion and joy beaming from the inside out. I get emotional every night, realizing how lucky I am to bring his character and story to life around the country. We all hold such a responsibility in the show to help audience members realize their potential and make their hearts swell a little bit more from when they first came into the theatre.

What challenges have you experienced in preparing for this part?
Well firstly, I am such a girly girl. Haha! Coming into this role I had to completely change my thought process and every day mannerisms. I did a lot of research about the original story of Peter Pan, as well as previous actors who have played this role like Cathy Rigby. I also observed the little boys in our show during rehearsals to see how they interacted with each other and how I could incorporate that within my role. And then of course the extreme physicality of the role was an exciting challenge as a trained dancer. I do roughly 55 jumps during one show, so on two show days I will do 110 jumps while laughing and saying lines on stage. I have to constantly take care of my body properly in order to be the best actor and technician that I can be. It is still a learning process of course!

What are you most excited for your Austin audience in particular to experience with Finding Neverland?
I am so excited for our Austin audience to experience the magic!!! Our show reaches to all audience members in all ages. There is something so magical about Neverland, and I promise you do not want to miss it. And to definitely look out for all of that glitter.

Purchase tickets to the show
Finding Neverland runs December 16- 20th at 8 p.m., and Janaury 21st at 1 and 7pm. Tickets start at $30 and are on sale now. Purchase tickets at the Bass Concert Hall ticket office, all Texas Box Office Outlets, BroadwayInAustin.com, TexasPerformingArts.org, or by phone at 512-477-6060. Click here to learn even more about this production, check out showtime dates, and view photos that will leave you ready to experience the magic of Neverland firsthand!

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