Absolutely Everything You Need to Know About Windy Point Park


Located in northwest Austin on Lake Travis, Windy Point Park is a peninsula that features swimming, scuba diving, camping, and more.

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Before we get started, we want to remind you that with the continued presence of Covid-19, it’s best to stay home. We encourage you to consider the safety of yourself and your neighbors. Our swimming hole features will remain online as a reference that you can access when you are able to safely experience the location.

Here’s absolutely everything you need to know about swimming at Windy Point Park!

Location and Hours:

Windy Point Park is tucked off of Comanche Trail just west of Hippie Hollow swimming hole, at 6506 Bob Went Park Road. The park is open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

Admission Cost:

The park is first-come-first-serve and, unfortunately, not free. On weekdays the rate is $10 per person and $15 on the weekends and holidays. Children nine and under are $5. Camp sites range from $20 to $25 depending on the day of the week. No reservations are required, the park accommodates you as you arrive. 

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In 1970, Robert Barstow began buying what is now Windy Point Park in sections. Before the park was open to the public, Barstow would bring his family up on the weekends to camp and help maintain the land. Barstow moved to the property full-time in 1980 and opened the park up to the public – he has been maintain the property ever since. In 2000, the park was the site for the children’s movie Spy Kids starring Antonio Banderas. Additionally, the park has been the backdrop for a Vogue photo shoot, Jaguar car ads, and Harley-Davidson ads.


There are two spots to take a dip in the water at Windy Point Park. First, there’s a smaller, enclosed swimming hole that is much more shallow and easy to swim in. Second, the park sits on Lake Travis so swimmers and divers alike can swim in the refreshing water. This deeper area is where thousands of scuba divers swim and explore every year. The rest of the park is spacious for camping, picnicking, and lounging. 

Water Temperature

Because you’re swimming in Lake Travis, the temperature of the water will be dependent on the weather. For daily updates on Lake Travis, check out the Lake Travis Test Station website.

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Parking and Amenities:

Enjoy the picturesque scenery and stay overnight at Windy Point Park. With the park being a convenient drive from Austin, you can enjoy the fun destination campground, groomed lawns, and abundant shade. The park also features changing facilities, clean restrooms, and outdoor heated shower. If you’re just staying the night, bring a picnic lunch and have a bite to eat at one of the many picnic tables. There is ample parking at Windy Point Park, with the water being a short walk from the parking lot. Please keep in mind the parking lot is gravel.

Amateur and professional divers flock to Windy Point Park all year round. The park features an air filling station and diving platforms. From boat wrecks to underwater sculptures, to a canyon wall, there are plenty of cool areas to explore. 


Windy Point Park is a great place for all levels of swimmers! While the younger kids can swim in the shallow, more pond-like section, the older kids and more advanced swimmers can swim in Lake Travis. Water shoes are a great idea for both water areas. There is a handy staircase that leads down to Lake Travis, but it can be slippery at times.

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Prohibited Items:

Windy Point Park does not allow pets, glass containers, and firearms. Please keep in mind that there are not any lifeguards on duty, and jumping or diving from the rocks and stairs is not allowed. 

Pro Tips:

Because the daily fee is a little higher than most swimming holes in and around Austin, we recommend making a day out of your swimming trip! Bring a packed lunch, blankets, and hang out for the entire day. Floaties are a must as well and if you have a portable umbrella to provide some shade, bring it!

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