- December 5, 2014

It’s Election Time, Austin! Let’s All Get To Know Steve Adler

Austin’s runoff election is only days away and early voting has already begun. By December 16, the world will know who will be the next mayor of our fair city. It’s coming down to the wire and only two candidates remain: Steve Adler and Mike Martinez.

Below, you will find Austin.com’s exclusive interview with Mr. Adler, an attorney running for mayor as a city hall outsider. To read our interview with Mr. Martinez, a city councilman and former firefighter, click here.

Austin.com’s interview is focused not on the touchy political issues all the other media outlets around town are discussing, but on the personality of our two mayoral candidates. For specifics on each man’s platform, check out the campaign websites here and here.

We should note that both men were asked the exact same questions, in the exact same order, and both interviews went online at the same time.


“What does ‘weird’ mean to you?”

Photo: Courtesy, Adler for Austin.

Photo: Courtesy, Adler for Austin.

“You know, it means that in Austin, everybody is good enough and nobody’s too good.”

“Where do you like to go see live music?”

“Probably the Continental Club and ACL Moody. I think that those are great clubs. And The Elephant Room, for jazz.”

“Breakfast tacos: Where do you get yours?”

“Mellizoz, on First Street.”

“Are you a dog person or a cat person?”

“I like them both and I’ve had them both, but I’m more of a dog person. [We don’t have one currently] because our dog died and Diane isn’t quite ready to do it again.”

“Who are your favorite Austin musicians?”

“We just had an event with Max Frost. He was just awesome. I also love Dawn and Hawkes and Kat Edmonson, but I don’t have a favorite genre.”

“What is your fondest memory of Austin?”

“Not sure I can come up with my ‘fondest,’ but one of them would be my first night in Austin. I came here for law school back in 1978, and I had a friend who lived here. I ended up spending that night sleeping on the floor in Hyde Park. During the day, we went into town and down to Barton Springs. We walked around the lake. He took me on a tour and I met people in the neighborhood there in Hyde Park. It was that very first night sleeping on the floor in his little bungalow in Hyde Park. But I began to realize this place was really different. I came here for law school without an intent to stay, and that began to change my first night.”

“What is it to you that makes Austin a special place?”

“The people. The people. They are the spirit and soul of this city. We’re creative and entrepreneurial. Austin is a city where everybody’s good enough and nobody’s too good. We’re a city where it doesn’t make a difference what your last name is. It’s exciting and vibrant, and at the same time it’s laid back… This is an absolutely wonderful city. It’s a magical city. I’m running because I think we’re at a tipping point, and we have to do everything we can to save what’s special about this city.”


That’s it, folks! Click here to find your polling place, and don’t forget to vote!