- August 16, 2016

Crypt Trip Takes Audiences On A Nostalgic Ride With ‘Natural Chylde’


San Marcos psychedelic rock band Crypt Trip has a hit on their hands with one of their latest songs, “Natural Chylde,” off of their new EP Mabon Songs, which captures the bands passion for rock and roll.

The more than six-minute-long song has a bit of a Creedence Clearwater Revival influence throughout, while also being filled with red-hot guitar riffs and edgy vocals from front man Ryan Lee. While we wish that Mabon Songs was much longer, it’s clear the band has put forth their best efforts to prove their music can take them beyond Texas.

Bringing fans along with them for a heady nostalgia trip is one of the things this band does best, and we hope that they continue down this path. If they do, Crypt Trick very well start a storm with their sound.

You can check out “Natural Chylde” below.

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Featured photo: Crypt Trip


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