We love Austin businesses, particularly our local foodie scene, which is why we’re always saying nice things about this city’s many delectable eats. But, not every Austinite can be so frequently sunny, and they deserve some editorial space too… Right?

That in mind, we went trawling Austin Reddit in search of a spirited discussion about stuff that’s not so nice, as fodder for our first entry in a new feature we’re calling Complainer’s Corner. Thankfully, we were in luck: Redditors love to complain, particularly about popular things.

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So, in this week’s edition of Complainer’s Corner, Austin’s Redditors are taking down some of Austin’s most beloved restaurants in a discussion about the “most overrated” eateries in town. Being paid evangelists for our city, the Austin.com team disagrees with these posts in principle, which is why we’re stepping back and letting y’all sort it out.

To read the whole thread, check out this post:

Most Overrated Restaurants in Town? from Austin

For some of the more thoughtful comments, keep on scrolling…

We would love to hear your thoughts on supposedly “overrated” restaurants, whether you agree with these complainers or not. We at Austin.com truly love our local businesses and refrain from frequent criticism, so your input here in Complainer’s Corner fills an important hole in our site and our city.

Stand and defend your favorite establishment in the comments below, or smash the hubris of your local cafe by letting us know why it sucks. Either way, speak now or forever hold your peace. 😉



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