- April 8, 2015

Celebrate Poetry Month with a Free Printable!


April is National Poetry Month and it’s a great time to celebrate poetry. There are poetry-themed events and readings happening all over the country. A fun and easy way to bring some poetry into your family’s life this month is to learn about and write an ekphrastic poem!

What is an Ekphrastic Poem?
An ekphrastic poem is a poem inspired by a work of art. Ekphrastic poems often tell the story of a scene depicted in a piece of art, the feelings of a writer looking at artwork, or even an imagined dialogue between the writer and a painting or sculpture.  Here’s an example of the poem American Gothic, inspired by the painting of the same name.

Ekphrastic Poem American Gothic

How to Write an Ekphrastic Poem:

Start by finding a painting or sculpture that inspires you. A great place to look is in the galleries of the Blanton Museum. Admission is free every Thursday.

Ideas for writing your poem:

  • Write about the scene you see in the artwork.
  • Think about what the subjects did after the painting. Did they move from that spot?
  • Write a conversation between characters in the piece.
  • Write about your experience of looking at the artwork.
  • Write as a character in the artwork speaking to the viewer.
  • Compare the artwork to something else.
  • Imagine a story about the creation of the artwork, or write in the voice of the artist.

Ready to write your own ekphrastic poem? We’ve created a printable to help guide you through the process of creating your own masterpiece!

Click here to download and print your own copy of the ekphrastic poem printable!Ekphrastic Poem Guide