Campus Carry Advocate To ‘Daily Show’: UT Students Are Way Too ‘Immature’ For Sex Toys

On September 14, Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” aired a segment featuring Roy Wood Jr. as he visited UT to uncover the ongoing drama between campus carry protesters, such as the Cocks Not Glocks group spearheaded by Jessica Jin, as well as campus carry advocates, such as C.J. Grisham, the founder of Open Carry Texas.

Grisham made some interesting comments in his interview that we don’t really understand, but first, a brief recap:

In protest of Texas’ new campus carry law, which officially went into effect on August 1, anti-campus carry protesters have taken to brandishing dildos and other types of sex toys in public, strapping them to onto their backpacks, shouting, Cocks Not Glocks! and carrying amended versions of the Right’s beloved “Come And Take It” sign that features a giant penis and the phrase “Take It And Come.

Since visible firearms can cause people who do not support guns to feel frightened and uncomfortable, anti-campus carry protesters have been communicating their perspective utilizing a theme that tends to make more conservative folks squirm: sex.

We actually spoke with CNG members back in August, so if you’re interested in learning more about this issue and CNG’s efforts in greater detail, be sure to check out that story.

Now back to Grisham.

In his interview with Wood, Grisham predictably disparaged CNG’s position, but it was his argument against CNG’s tactics that has our heads spinning. He explicitly stated that college students are too immature to have sex toys, then immediately turned around and said that they’re perfectly capable of being responsible with guns. No, really!

Here’s how the conversation played out:

Grisham: Bringing dildos onto a college campus, it’s very vulgar, it’s very obscene, and I think waving a penis around is quite immature. I mean, we are talking about college students who haven’t matured yet.

Wood: Should you have a gun if you haven’t fully matured?

Grisham: Yes. Immature people can still be very responsible.

Seems legit.

Elsewhere in the interview, Grisham argued that Olive Garden serves alcohol but shootouts never happen there, which to him means it should be alright to carry his firearm everywhere except in space. Yes, in space. Ooookay!

You really should watch the entire segment, which runs from 7:25 to 12:40 here:

As you can see, at CNG’s rally that day, Wood did some protesting of his own while wielding a dildo-decorated gun. We’re guessing he also ate one of the phallic cupcakes that CNG was handing out — because who wouldn’t want one of those?

Featured photo: Courtesy of Cocks Not Glocks