- July 3, 2016

Caitlin Kraus-Torres Writes Gorgeous Song, ‘Waiting For The World’


Caitlin Kraus-Torres is an acoustic singer-songwriter signed to Austin based Keeled Scales Records, run by two fellow Austin musicians.

One of her latest tunes, “Waiting for the World,” really showcases her beautiful voice and acoustic guitar skills. For that reason alone, we deem it a “cannot miss” track. This one’s for music fans who become lost in a good riff.

While Kraus-Torres doesn’t have the strongest voice ever, the richness of her sound makes us want to hear more. Bet you will too.

Take a listen to “Waiting For The World” by clicking on the picture above.

H/T Ovrld


Featured photo courtesy of Keeled Scale Records: Caitlin Krauss-Torres