- June 8, 2023

Beat the Texas Heat! Tips and Motivation for Staying Active in Austin this Summer


Texas is known for having hot summers! Our contributor, Jasmina Carbaugh has all the tips so you can not only stay cool but also be active in the midst of the scorching Texas heat!

Austin is an active town with many options for getting outside and moving your body. With trails, parks, swimming holes, paddle boarding, kayaking, and hiking to name a few, there’s no shortage of creative ways to stay on top of your fitness year-round. There’s only one problem – the scorching summer heat can be a deterrent for even the most avid fitness enthusiasts.

Today, I want to share with you some of my tried and true ways of maintaining a healthy activity level throughout the hottest months of the year. All it takes is a little preparation and some good ol’ commitment to yourself to stay fit and healthy when the sun is blazing and the A.C. is calling!

Here are five things you can do to beat the Texas heat and set yourself up for success this summer!


Getting in the right mindset makes all the difference in the world when it comes to motivation. Instead of dreading your fitness goals, focus on creating a positive mantra that is uplifting and encouraging to get you up and out the door. Try something like, “My body and my health are a priority. I always feel better after I finish a workout.” We all have different reasons for wanting to exercise, so find the mantra that you need to hear most and write it down, say it out loud, or whatever you need to do to remind yourself why you want to go do your workout. Journaling is an effective way to stay on top of your goals. Check out Erin Condren at the Domain for some stylish designs and accessories that will make goal setting more fun.


Without a plan in place, you may find that it’s all too tempting to skip a workout and put it off for another day. The benefit of creating a plan that you can stick to is getting to decide what works best for you. When the 10-day forecast says it’s going to be over 100 degrees every day, it’s probably wise to plan for early morning or evening activities outside.

Consider your schedule and find a time of day that you won’t be tempted to skip out on your plan to get moving. Use your smartphone calendar to set reminders and notes to keep you on track. Another great way to stay committed is to have an accountability partner to do your activities with. Check out our calendar to find local events you can stay active with and to meet people.


It’s much easier to complete a task when you’ve done the prep work needed to get started. It may seem obvious, but you want to make sure you have everything you need ready and waiting so you can get going when the time comes. Humans are creatures of comfort and our subconscious is all too good at finding ways to procrastinate or postpone difficult tasks. This is why you want to make getting out the door a no brainer.

Make sure you have an outfit picked out (Hello, OV!), a bottle of water (preferably something local like Heart Water) by the door, a hat and shades, plus your favorite music or podcast (my current fave is Peak Human) cued up. I like to use my daily walks as a time for meditation or learning depending on my mood. That way I have something to look forward to doing during my outdoor activities. 


Getting into a routine will help you stay committed to your fitness goals and makes it easier to incorporate into your daily schedule. When working out is just another one of your daily activities you will be less likely to find a reason to skip out on it. If you want something to be like second nature, you have to do it repeatedly and with intention. That way, your body and mind will start to expect the activity and you’ll even start to look forward to the endorphins and feelings of accomplishment. Try a few different workout options and find one that you will be more inclined to stick with.  


Introducing some variety into your routine is a solid way to avoid getting bored or complacent with your workouts. If you like what you’re doing and it keeps you motivated, then stick with it! If you feel like your motivation is waning and you’re finding yourself skipping out on your fitness activities, it’s probably time to switch things up. There are a ton of local workout classes streaming online that are perfect for doing at home in the cool A.C. or outside in the shade at your favorite park. Even local gyms and fitness centers are offering online options so that members can continue crushing their fitness goals during this time when we’re spending more time indoors.

It all comes down to commitment and effort. What you put in is what you’ll get out. When you invest in your health, it is you who will reap the benefits. When you don’t invest in your health, it is you who will miss out on feeling your best and having the freedom to live your life to the fullest. At the end of the day, health is our greatest wealth and without making deposits we can’t expect to cash in on the benefits. It can seem daunting or challenging at times, but those feelings can be overcome.

Remember, you don’t have to do too much or reach beyond your current abilities. The beauty of fitness is that you can be active in so many ways at whatever pace works for you. Start slow, but be consistent and you’ll notice that your effort level will increase the more you make progress. We’re all at different levels and should be mindful of exactly that. Think about what you want to do, what you can do, and how you want to achieve your goals. Then follow the steps listed above to help beat the Texas heat, maintain your motivation throughout the summer and into the rest of the year. You got this!  

Author – Jasmina Carbaugh, Primal Health Coach Institute Student & Wellness Enthusiast

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