- February 24, 2015

Austin’s OraCola Says The Universe Wants Y’all To Get Your Ducks in a Row


Hey, y’all! The new moon was on February 18 and that means it’s time for another Tarot-Scope.

You are reading "Tarot-Scope," a blog by the one and only Arcie Cola!

You are reading “Tarot-Scope,” a blog by the one and only Arcie Cola!

I was called to work with the Prix Fixe spread, and it sure did deliver some news! This is the time of year when we shake off the winter baggage and get ready for the spring, and this spread is all about buckling down and making way. I’m hungry, so let’s see what we need to do, shall we?

After last cycle’s amazing spread, it’s no surprise that The Universe is tightening the belt.

Times of expansion are always followed by times of contraction. On the surface this doesn’t look like a lot of fun, but I know from experience that the most challenging spreads are often the most productive. We don’t progress without difficulty. If we did, we would take it for granted. Sure, “Daddy’s” connections can set us up, but if we want to grow, the path of least resistance probably won’t serve our needs. Abusing our connections only highlights our deficiencies.

Arcie Cola's tarot readin'!

Change is coming, so get those ducks in a row!

Appetizer:  Temperance

Our first course is Temperance, and right away we have a clue as to what’s in store for the next couple of weeks. Temperance shouldn’t be a bad word, because it really wants to be the savior. It’s the first to say, “Maybe you shouldn’t.” But it’s also game to partner with something different, as long as the goal is in service of your higher self, just like gold partners with other metals to make more durable jewelry. In other words, Temperance isn’t your enemy. It’s your friend with a good head on its shoulders. Temperance is happy to guide you into the cab, even when you’re drunk and saying mean things.

Main Course:  Swords

The main course is the Swords, and that’s a whole lot of action. Think of a tough steak–you still eat it, and it’s still nutritious, but it takes some effort to get through. I can’t help but think of bushwhacking when it comes to the Swords. Cutting through a bunch of tough vegetation is a hard slog. Sometimes you might not think it’s worth the effort. Eventually, though, you realize the effort was the point. Logically, cutting through the crap is always beneficial.

Side Dish: Lovers

If we’re working our asses off, we definitely need some recognition, and the Lovers are happy to acquiesce. If we decide to go on a diet, it doesn’t mean we have to deny our favorite foods. We just have to have them in moderation. Take a bit to flavor your main thing, but don’t allow it to overpower the dish.

Dessert:  Tower

And what happens at the end of this amazing dinner? A complete shake up, that’s what! The Tower gets a bad rap because it’s mostly about destruction. However, you can’t build anything new without demolishing what was already there. Ideally, you are doing the demolitions in your life with care. There’s going to be some change, but you can rebuild that tower to your specifications. There’s a reason for spring cleaning!

A new season is right around the corner, and we need to be ready to accept its blessings into our lives. Use the next couple of weeks to clear out the cobwebs and air out the house. Bumbling along is easy, but it’s not very efficient. Making a plan and sticking to it is the best way to invite smooth sailing.