- September 14, 2016

Austin’s Genuine Leather Releases Dynamic New Song ‘Come Away With Me Tonight’


Genuine Leather, an Austin indie rock band, has released its current album teaser, “Come Along with Me Tonight,” from their upcoming album Brunch.

Putting together a little experiment for this record, the band decided to release one song a week for 16 weeks, with the full album released at the end. Dropping a catchy tune full of booming drums and punchy guitars riff that pull from the surf rock sounds of the 50’s, Genuine Leather is the real deal when it comes to rock and roll in Austin.

With dizzying keyboards to top off the tracks style, “Come Along with Me…” will definitely get Austinites excited about the future of local music in Austin. Check it out by hitting the play button above.

(H/T Austin Town Hall)

Feature photo: Genuine Leather Brunch cover art

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