Austinites Are *Freaking Out* Over This New Longhorns Movie On Netflix

The fans have spoken, and My All American is the movie to watch on Netflix right now, even if you’re not an Austinite or a football fan. And if you are, well you basically have no excuse for not watching it.

From Netflix: “This true-life drama tells the story of football legend Freddie Steinmark, the Texas Longhorns safety who gave his all despite the odds against him.”

The film, originally titled “Courage,” was released in November of 2015 after filming in Austin in 2014. It hit the streaming service at the end of July. Though it wasn’t a critical favorite, those who got to watch it at home via Netflix with a full box of tissues, surrounded by Longhorn regalia, seemed to really love it.

It currently has a rating of four stars out of five after hitting the streaming service. The movie about underdog Freddie Steinmark stars Aaron Eckhart as Darrell Royal and Finn Wittrock as Steinmark.

Check out the trailer below, and keep on scrolling to see all the Austinites who are freaking out about it…


The Texas Exes, along with many other fans, recommend the movie as a way to spend your evening. Thankfully, the word “chill” was nowhere to be found.

A new batch of Longhorns were treated to a special screening of the movie.

It brought some to tears (ok, maybe more than some). Like way more than some.



While others made the bold statement that it was one of the best movies everrrrr made.

Or at least the best sports movie.

A Nebraska high school football coach even assigned it as homework before the season starts.


So yeah, drop whatever you’re currently binge watching and spend two hours sobbing, because apparently it’s totally worth it.

Featured image from My All American Facebook page