Austin PD Accepts Miami PD’s ‘Running Man Challenge’


A dance-craze is sweeping across the nation, people!

It’s neither the ‘Whip’ nor the ‘Nae nae’, but comes to you direct from 1986: The Running Man! This time you won’t find giggling teens, retro hipsters, or wedding-reception attendees reviving the dance: It’s the cops.

The cops? YEP. Doing the Running Man? That’s what I said.

Meme running man

Before you go full facepalm on this one, WAIT. It turns out we may have an ace up our sleeve… Our Chief of Police, Art Acevedo.

You see, nationwide Police Departments have been ‘calling each other out’ to do the Running Man Challenge, in which – from all appearances – the entire police force has to do the Running Man Dance. Check out Miami’s to get a sense of how serious this thing is:


So far, the challenge has spread to New York, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, Miami… And now, AUSTIN. When challenged, Police Chief Art Acevedo Tweeted an emphatic, “Ok, my brother. We are in!!”

Why would he do such a thing? Have you seen the folks from Miami dance? Did ya watch the video? YOU MUST BE CRAZY.

Walk away, Art! Walk away!

BUT NO, as it turns out our Chief Acevedo is quite the dancer! See him perform live doing the cha-cha (with what appears to be a lady-of-the-night he is ticketing? Bahahaaa… Wow) from Austin’s Dancing With the Stars 2008. Turns out the Chief has the moves! What do you think?


Here’s hoping the rest of our Police Department can bring it as well, and that (without a sultry leading lady dancing alongside him) Chief Acevedo can still bust a move and show Miami what we’ve got down here in the ATX.

Miami says, ‘Bring it ON’. MIAMI. SERIOUSLY? Well, okay then!