- November 1, 2016

Austin Band Slow Takes Philly’s Beach Slang Influence To A New Level With ‘Persistence’ Single


Sometimes names can be deceiving. That old adage could not be more true for local act Slow.

When first coming across their name on Austin Town Hall, we thought that Slow was exactly as their name sounded – slow, harmonious, and maybe even a bit boring. We were pleased to hear that they are quite the opposite.

They released their album Pocketknife quite recently, and without warning, showing us that Slow sounds like Philadelphia’s Beach Slang, especially on the album’s opening track “Persistence.” The group’s bashing drums and unique guitar sound infuses their rock with an energy all its own. It’s almost as if they’ve managed to capturing their own vivaciousness outside of the studio, bottling it for mass consumption.

It’s clear that Pocketknife is a record worth picking up. Just make sure you blast “Persistence” at full volume. Take a listen below.


Featured photo: Slow

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