- December 15, 2014

Austin Dude Receives Tortilla, Finds Jesus

Local actor and model Andrew Key encountered Christ this week in Austin, but make no mistake — this ain’t your average “coming to Jesus” story.

On Wednesday, Key received a package of homemade almond flour tortillas that had been cooked for him by a friend, Joe Rivera. Upon examining the batch, Key noticed something unnatural. No, make that supernatural.

“One of the minor burn marks on the tortilla takes the appearance of Jesus’ head, complete with his facial hair,” Key told KXAN. “We’ve got the tortilla safely packaged out of harms way,” he added in the interview, although he later offered to allow Ellen DeGeneres eat it. So that might be happening.

Key originally tweeted about the tortilla on Wednesday morning, tagging several popular news channels. He also posted a photo on his Instagram profile.

andrew key model actor austin tortilla jesus sacred supernatural miracle icon image Christian God

A screenshot of Key’s Instagram post.

What do you think? Is the burn mark the spitting image of Jesus, with his characteristic full beard, or as journalist Elizabeth Wren suggests on Twitter, Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees?

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