- April 1, 2016

Antonelli’s Cheese Shop is Giving You an Excuse to Bury Your Face in Mac N Cheese This Weekend

Austin’s food competition scene just got a little cheesier as Antonelli’s Cheese is wrapping up their first ever Mac N Cheese Off this weekend. Six local chefs are competing for the cheesey crown, which I would assume to look something like those awful Green Bay Packers hats if they were real. But seriously, if you ever needed an excuse to gorge yourself on on some gooey gouda goodness, this weekend is the time to do it.

The six mac n cheese dishes featuring Antonelli’s cheeses will only be available through April 3rd:


Vox Table 

Hillside Farmacy 


Swifts Attic

Texas French Bread

Considering how popular the annual Quesoff is, you might want to consider making reservations to make sure you get in.

Once you’ve stuffed your face with as much mac n cheese as you can handle, you’ll want to vote for your favorite, which enters you to win a private Antonelli’s Cheese tasting for you and four guests. You can enter two ways. For one entry you can comment on their Instagram post with which dish is your favorite and tagging a friend who you’ll invite to the tasting if you win. For five entries you can go to one of the restaurants and post a photo of their mac n cheese entry on Instagram and tag @antonellischz. The last day to enter is April 4, with chef and tasting winners announced April 6.

If you happen to be out of town this weekend, or just not able to make it into one of these fine restaurants, try one of our picks from our 10 Best Mac and Cheese Plates list. Note: I didn’t write that list, so I’d like to add Dogwood’s jalapeno mac and cheese with house-made jalapeno potato chip crumble to the list, because you can never have enough mac n cheese.