- March 14, 2017

Downtown Goes Italian At Numero 28

Austin, by all accounts, is a BBQ, burger, and Tex-Mex kind of town. Most of the time, this is great. Other times, it can kind of suffocate anything that doesn’t fit this mold — even with apparent dining paradigm shifts throughout town, these Texas-based influences still ring true.
Numero 28, an authentic Italian Pizzeria nestled into the 2nd Street Business District, has been operating stylistically autonomous from what we know and love for the better part of two years. Marco, Bernardo, and Leonardo, three of the men responsible for this resurgence of Austin Italian dining experiences, had us by to see what they’ve been up to and to check out their extensive plans for the future.
We first got a tour of the Alimentari space, which was near completion. The arid, light-filled space didn’t feel quite as small as it was. As Marco laid out his plans for the Italian metropolitan cafe, and how he saw it, I couldn’t help but notice how ambitious it was — in the greatest way possible.
These lofty plans include Italian staples like an espresso station, a gelato bar, and a walk-up counter that will be adorned with breads, pastries, pizzas, flatbreads, and much more, including items that actually change based on time of day. Morning hours, are of course reserved for sweet pastries, and of course, coffee. As the day creeps into the afternoon, Marco hopes to supply more savory fare like pizzas and flatbreads. He also hinted at plans of a daily brunch menu, not to mention a bar that would serve exclusive cocktails in the evening hours. This concept and vision, if executed properly, will be something Austinities far and wide will love for years to come.