AISD Board Set To Vote On New Name for Robert E. Lee Elementary

Sorry John Cena fans, it looks like an Austin elementary school will not bear the name of the leader of the Cenation. Nor will it be called Schooly McSchoolerson. And no, the elementary school formerly known as Robert E. Lee will not be replaced with an intricate symbol. Bummer.

But rejoice! The debate over the new name for the school is finally almost over, as AISD has narrowed it down to just three choices. The board of trustees will vote for the new name during Monday night’s meeting.

Option 1: The Derek Zoolander School for Kids Who Can’t Read Good and Want to Do Other Stuff Good Too.

Just kidding. But seriously, why did no one suggest that? The list of names they received was over 200 long, some of them even more absurd. Thankfully, the final choices are all excellent candidates, so making the final decision may be a bit tricky…

  • The first choice holds on to a version of the Lee name, this time honoring the first University of Texas photography professor, Russell Lee. Lee, who was known for being an inspiring teacher with a healthy respect for diversity.
  • The second option hits even closer to home with Bettie Mann, the school’s first African-American teacher and parent.
  • The final option is Wheeler’s Grove, the previous name of Eastwoods Park and a historically black gathering spot where Austin first began celebrating Juneteenth.

We’re excited to see what new name the elementary students will see emblazoned upon their building when they start back to school in August! Which one are you hoping for? Let us know in the comments below.