- November 4, 2014

5 Fun Ways To Volunteer With Kids in Austin

Not only are you teaching your kids about doing good things for others without expecting anything in return, but volunteering can also provide a free, fun activity to change up the routine of heading to the same old playground. Unfortunately, not all volunteer opportunities are kid-friendly or kid-appropriate. The following activities can be done with children of different ages and are nice for a onetime experience or on an ongoing basis.

1. Austin Diaper Bank’s Monthly Open Volunteer Time – Each month, parents, kids and even college students gather to sort, count and repackage diapers for babies in Central Texas. Just check out the dates on the website, RSVP with who is coming, then feel great about using a couple of hours to help our littlest Austinites.

2. Austin Habitat for Humanity’s Family Build Day – Four times a year, Austin Habitat for Humanity holds an all-ages event called Family Build Day. Younger kids can help out with painting, landscaping, building birdhouses and other beautification projects for new homes. Ages 15 and up can be even more hands on with building picnic tables and other basic items.

3. City of Austin’s Watershed Protection Storm Drain Marking – Explore the city by marking storm drains! Storm drain markers remind the public that our waterways are affected by pollution and runoff.  A brief appointment with the program coordinator and then you are free to map out a cool day of finding and marking drains. Perfect for a picnic lunch with your kiddos!

4. Drive A Senior – Strap those kids in the car seats and you are off! Help a senior citizen get to a medical appointment, bring them to their local bank or drop them at the grocery store. You choose a time that works for you and schedule online, by phone or by email. Feel awesome about helping a senior citizen retain their independence while your littles are along for the ride.
5. Foundation Communities Welcome Baskets – For a six to twelve month period, your family can purchase, create and deliver welcome baskets with basic household items to formerly homeless residents at Foundation Communities. From start to finish, this is a wonderful way to give back to those who can really need it.

Instead of administering university programs, Beverly Hamilton now spends her days finding puzzle pieces under the couch and convincing her toddler Barrett that eating really is good for him. Since 2013, her other gig has been as the founder and executive director of Austin Diaper Bank. A recovering Ph.D., she’d rather write grants and blog posts than grade papers any day.