- August 24, 2015

21 Pictures That Prove Austin Is The Best City In Texas


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Austin is home to some of the most beautiful scenic attractions in the state of Texas, and according to the city’s convention and visitors bureau, over 19.7 million people visit Austin annually. So, something must be extra special about Austin, and these 21 pictures show you why Austin is the best city in Texas.

When describing the city of Austin it’s difficult not to use words like, “beautiful”, “popular”, and “treasure”…

Blue hour in Austin

Jim Nix / via Flickr

1.  Because it has so many beautiful outdoor spots to take a dip in the hot Texas weather…

hamilton pool preserve

The Hamilton Pool Preserve is not only an awesome place to go for a dip, it’s also a beautiful picnic spot.

2. like this fun and relaxing swimming pool.

barton springs

Barton Springs Pool is a naturally fed pool that is about 70 degrees year round that is perfect for a picnic, swim, and a relaxing day in the sun.

3. A popular, scenic spot resides in the middle of the city to view the sunset…

Mount Bonnell in Austin Texas

Matthew Whitehead / via Flickr

Mount Bonnell offers a spectacular view of Lake Austin which is connected to the Colorado River.

4. along with hike and bike trails that give you spectacular views of the Austin skyline.

lady bird lake

Lady Bird Lake is a very well kept place for a stroll, run, bike, or for walking your dogs.

5. There is also a fantastic hidden gem you can visit to enjoy the peacocks…


Jane Hammons / via Flickr

Mayfield Park is a beautiful, peaceful place to relax and watch the peacocks show off their plumes.

6. and you can easily enjoy tranquil experiences…

Austin bluebonnet

Wildflowers literally decorate the city of Austin and enhance its beautiful scenery.

7. along with phenomenal music events in the midst of the green grass.

Zilker Park

Zilker park is a great place to go and enjoy the festivals or just to go hang out on the lawn.

8. A “clothing optional” park can be found in the capital of Texas,

hippie hollow park austin texas

Hippie Hollow is an interesting, clothing optional park that caters to some of Austin’s alternative lifestyles.

9. and so can beautiful, historic theaters that show lots of events.

paramount theater in austin

Paramount Theater is historically and architecturally gorgeous, and this place needs to be on your “must-visit” list.

10. If you want you can take improv classes and enjoy some comedy with all-you-can-eat waffles,

the hideout theatre

Marc Majcher / via Flickr

The Hideout Theater offers professional, intelligent, and hilarious comedy experiences!

11. and the acting is phenomenal at the most professional theater in Austin!

zach theatre

Zach Theater is the place to go for an amazing Broadway quality theater experience without paying the price of a Broadway show.

12. One place you just gotta see will give you the most unique shopping experience in the world,

South congress avenue

The SoCo District is a funky, trendy, neighborhood that helps Austin “Stay Weird!”

13. with fun nights where there is something for everyone to enjoy…

6th Street austin tx at night

Source simon.com

Sixth Street comes alive at night through its visitors, pubs, and live music and is a must see street to see in your lifetime.

14. as you watch how an entire neighborhood magically transforms itself into a bar!

Rainey Street

Steve / via Flickr

Rainey Street is a great little area full of bungalow homes that have been transformed in bars.

15. Food is reasonably priced at a popular, old-time- restaurant treasure

Alamo draft house austin

John Rogers / via Flickr

The Alamo Draft House is the best way to go out for a dinner and a movie.

16. while a must see dance floor hosts a friendly crowd ranging from 21 to 65.

the broken spoke dancefloor

Knowsphotos / via Flickr

The Broken Spoke is an authentic dance hall that offers fun times and a cool vibe.

17. You can also reminisce about the quarter spending days at a classic arcade…

pinballz arcade austin

The Pinballz Arcade offers lots of Old School Gaming Fun.

18. or bring your own beer to play golf with Peter Pan!

Zilker Peter Pan Mini-Golf

Source homedaddys.com

Peter Pan Mini-Golf is an Austin Staple for family and friends with a great atmosphere and great music.

19. Of course, Austin also has some of the best Tex-Mex in the state…

Austin Tex Mex

GetHiroshima.com / via Flickr

Austin has many great Tex-Mex locations that offer excellent food, service, and relaxing environments.

20. and BBQ that is so delicious people literally wait in line every day for hours just to taste it!

Franklin Barbecue in Austin

Wally Gobetz / via Flickr

Franklin BBQ doesn’t just give you food. It gives you an experience.

21. Penny pinchers in Austin also have a golden opportunity twice a year to discover great treasures!

Austin Citywide Garage Sale

The Austin City Wide Garage Sale is a lot of fun and if filled with tables and displays that have everything imaginable!

This all makes Austin a great place to live!

austin 360 bridge

Austin is jammed packed with inviting outdoor recreational activities, exciting theatrics, cool and yet very strange city traditions, and pleasantly odd things that effortlessly make it the best city in the state of Texas!

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Featured photo: Flickr user Andrew Nourse, creative commons licensed.