10 Things Austinites Do To Keep Eeyore’s Birthday Weird

Eeyore’s 52nd Birthday Party was held in Pease Park on Saturday, April 25, 2015, and like any other hot and sunny spring day, Austinites of all stripes were out keepin’ it weird the best ways they know how.

Eeyore’s Birthday Party, a yearly gathering of Austin’s weirdest residents, is hands down one of the city’s best traditions. Everyone is welcome and it’s almost impossible to have a bad time (unless you’re a prude). If you’re into the weirdness, Eeyore’s is truly a magical event, and something that makes Austin, well, Austin.

Anyone who has been to Eeyore’s probably has a good idea of what went down, but for those who are unfamiliar (or just can’t remember), here’s 10 things Austinites did this year to keep things weird.

We Come Up With Some Seriously Crazy Costumes

This guy really got in the spirit.

Costumes were encouraged, and imaginations ran wild. But if you weren’t in costume, nobody was judging.

Rumor has it these are the next big thing in fashion.