- August 24, 2015

10 Reasons To Love The Austin Airport

I arrived at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport one day last week only to find out as I got in line for security screening that my flight to Houston was already delayed by almost an hour. In most airports, this discovery would set me on edge, but at ABIA, I just shrugged it off and considered the inconvenience a little more time to myself before my business trip.

But as I sat down at my gate and pulled out my laptop, I wondered why I was so cheerful. Well, the delay wasn’t going to ruin any plan I had, so that definitely helped, but also, ABIA is a great airport. It consistently winds up on lists of the best airports in the US, and for locals, there are plenty of reasons to love ABIA.

10.) The parking experience is consistently great.

Photo: Courtesy, Michael Roberts.

Photo: Courtesy, Michael Roberts.

When you drive onto the airport property, parking your car is easy. The signs are big and clear, and the temporary signage directing you to which lot has spaces available is always on point. Once you park and unload your car, a shuttle to take you to the terminal is either waiting on you or arrives within a few minutes. And after your return flight, the shuttles are just as available.

ABIA also has what they call a cell phone lot where people picking up passengers can wait instead of driving their vehicles in circles around the airport property. You just call your waiting friend or family member when you pick up your baggage, and your free ride arrive curbside just as you walk out of the airport.